The Resume Writing Handbook: The Essential Guide to Writing Resumes (resume, resume writing , resume magic)

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What can I do to make my resume stand out from the crowd? That’s a question everybody has, whether they are new to resume writing or have a resume that isn’t getting results.

A good resume is like an art masterpiece. It takes a lot of work. Some people think their resume is just one of the forms they must submit as part of the application process. Attention-getters understand that a well-done resume gets you an interview and then guides your interviewer into talking about your best points.

It’s not easy to make a good resume, but you can and should invest time and energy in one. It will really pay off in the future!

•How to find your talents
•How to use your talents to get a job that suits you
•When to us print or electronic resumes
•Pros and cons of the 4 major resume formats
•10 common mistakes that you should avoid
•and much more!